Lovers PCA 002

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Film, Animation & Media Production

Course Duration

2 years; full-time

Find out about life at our independent art school from the people who know us best — our real staff and students.

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Jasmine Hoey - Extended Diploma in Film, Animation & Media Production

"It's fun. You get all the support you could possibly need, and everyone's kind, caring – we all help each other out. I don't think you could get the same experience at school. It probably wouldn't be as much fun and the facilities wouldn't be as good. So it’s comfortable here – without being too cosy or too safe. You always feel nicely challenged – and you gain experience from that and you're not afraid to experiment. I live in Cornwall – it's an hour away – but it's worth the long trip. Every morning I wake up excited – even though I'm probably half asleep. I'm going to do the BA in Animation here."

Lee Douch - Extended Diploma in Film, Animation & Media Production

"I left school at 15. They said I was lazy. I joined the Army for five years and during that time I found out I have dyslexia. One day, on a whim, I came up here and asked if there were courses for people like me. I expected them to say no! At first it was a bit hard, being back in education with much younger people, and I did feel a bit out of sorts, but now I feel I’ve really fitted in. I love everything about being here. I suppose I’ve experience in things like project management that I can contribute. I can bring a bit of discipline to group projects! I want to be a film and theatre critic or journalist. My next stop will be HE in film journalism or a BA Film, then an MA in Journalism."

Hannah Ryan - Extended Diploma in Film, Animation & Media Production

"I went to a grammar school with high academic expectations. I felt there was too much structure for me there. I got good GCSE results and decided to study here where there are facilities and equipment that wouldn’t have been available at school. It makes a big difference that this is a specialist place for art and design, and everyone has a similar mindset. I’m well organised, but even if I wasn’t, this place would help me. I have a hearing problem and knew from day one that the support is there if I should ever need it. I plan to go into the music industry – reviewing, working for a label, finding new talent."