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This course has been designed to prepare you to start university, alongside building a portfolio and gaining support for your application. See what our previous Making Change students have said about the course...

“Honestly, I can't believe the course was only three weeks long. The connections we all made were genuine, positive and have created a new opportunity for me that I have been trying to achieve for the past 20 years without success!”
Making Change student, March 2022

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore new approaches and techniques and to mix with other artists to share and exchange ideas. Thank you to our lecturer for making it so pleasant an experience, and to the university for taking the time to put on such a valuable opportunity.”
Making Change student, March 2022

“Getting the experience of what it would be like to study at AUP and what course I would be best suited to was great. The practical guidance on how to apply was very useful, as well as the encouragement and personal guidance from the tutor. There was a very welcoming, nurturing atmosphere, and it was fun to attend.”
Making Change student, March 2022

"I enjoyed how much it stimulated my "art brain" after neglecting it for so long! The course inspired me in ways I didn't think it would."
Making Change student, 2021