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BA (Hons) Fashion Design (Jan 2023 Start)

Course Duration

3 years; full-time


Course: FAFJ
Institution: P65

The School of Design + Communication acknowledges the rich history of design relative to industry and manufacturing, whilst embracing radical new forms of design as modes of intervention, play and transformation. By utilising new technologies, identifying emerging markets and defining more sustainable methods in their work, we bring purposeful design into everyday lives to solve the most urgent issues we face as a community and society.

Study with us and you’ll expand your critical approach alongside developing skills in research and analysis. Our creative programmes encourage diversity in thinking and making - from practical applications through to reflective, analytical writing.

We provide a dynamic, stimulating learning environment from which to test new models of practice while investing in the rich relationship between practice and theory - based on the potential in material and visual exploration, collaborative working, cross-fertilisation of ideas and the exploration of histories and contemporary contexts.

For more detailed information, including the content of each unit, assessment criteria and reading lists, take a look at the full course information within our Unit Specification Form and our Course Specification Form documents.