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Arts University Plymouth is an international arts university. We welcome students and staff from around the world and believe in the many creative benefits of studying and working globally.

We live by this ethos showcasing international creative artists in our gallery space, MIRROR, hosting guest lecturers from overseas, curating, publishing and exhibiting abroad and arranging exchange programmes with our overseas programmes. We want students and staff from the EU and beyond to know everyone is extremely welcome at the university.

We appreciate that there is on-going uncertainty as a result of Brexit. We will endeavour to keep this information as up-to-date as possible. The information below is correct at the time of writing (2 Nov 2020) on the basis of current government policy.

Please click on the dropdown tabs below to read our Frequently Asked Questions. For more information please contact international@aup.ac.uk

If you are looking for more information on international studies and the UK's decision to leave the EU, we recommend visiting the links below.