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Our People

Jamie Halton

Student Recruitment & Events Intern

Since first joining Arts University Plymouth as a student in 2017, Jamie Halton has been getting stuck into the inner workings of the university. During his time as a student, he was a Student Ambassador, a Student Representative, a Student Governor, and, during his final year, the Vice President of Higher Education.

In his current position as the Student Recruitment & Events Intern - which he took up after achieving his BA (Hons) Photography in 2020 - Jamie helps to organise and oversee internal and external recruitment events. Jamie focuses particularly on guiding applicants through their options as a student and the benefits of creative higher education whilst offering objective advice regarding their lives and careers as creative practitioners.

Jamie’s favourite part of his job is travelling all over the United Kingdom while meeting a diverse group of students from many different backgrounds who all have different ideas about what it means to be creative.

Born in Scotland but growing up in Plymouth, Jamie is a strong advocate of Plymouth as a city of opportunity and creativity. He spends most of his summers on (kayaking), in (swimming), or under (free diving) the sea and admits that after living next to it for so long, he doesn’t think he could live away from the ocean.

When Jamie isn’t travelling or working, you will find him in one of two places; on Dartmoor where he loves to go camping and hiking during all conditions (the worse the better!); or in the darkroom, where he specialises in traditional and alternative photographic processes, with a particular focus on developing and digitising medium format film photography.