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Student Finance and EC's

Investing in your education is a wise decision and it's important to understand the student finance support available. From tuition fees to maintenance loans and bursaries to cash scholarships — we're here to help you plan.

Funding is available to support the cost of postgraduate study. Students can apply for up to £11,836 to contribute to their course.

For students experiencing unforeseen, financial hardship, the University has a Hardship Fund in place. The key purpose of the fund is to support cases of severe financial hardship, for example if you lose your job, or if you are in a situation where your financial circumstances may affect your ability to continue your studies. For more information on the Hardship Fund and to find out how to apply, click below.

We have an extenuating circumstances procedure in place to ensure that students experiencing serious illness and other forms of exceptional and unforeseen interference with their academic performance are treated fairly during the assessment process. It is your responsibility to make known any exceptional circumstances which have affected your academic performance.

If you feel that your academic performance has been adversely affected, then you are able to apply for Extenuating Circumstances (EC). Detailed below is a definition of what we classify as EC:

Extenuating circumstances are circumstances which:

  • are exceptional;

  • are outside the student’s control;

  • can be corroborated by independent evidence;

  • occurred during or shortly before the assessment in question; and

  • may have led to an unrepresentative performance in relation to the student’s previously demonstrated ability

To find out more about extenuating circumstances and to access the form to apply, quick the button below.