Street Factory

<p>Street Factory’s co-founders are husband and wife, Toby and Joanna Gorniak. Over 15 years ago, they recognised a need in their local community, where many young people, in particular, had low aspirations. Their work at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Street Factory</a> has transformed many lives since, and they continue to help people with their confidence, life and social skills, mental health, addictions, employment, and disabilities.</p> <p>Toby G MBE, a Roma Gypsy and former refugee, has positively used his challenging life experiences to create understanding, embrace differences, and to help unite the local community through the medium of Hip Hop music, dance and culture. <br /></p> <p>Toby G and Jo value authenticity, and have a true and unique passion for everything they do and for all the people they serve. Their programmes are rooted in the principles that they learned for themselves as youths, and they still practice today: spirituality, honest communication, real education, peace, kindness, and love.</p> <p>Street Factory provides young people and the wider community, what they seek most - something they can live and embody: a family, positive role models, and hope! </p>