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A public art gallery, events programme and online resource based out of and supported by Arts University Plymouth.

MIRROR is a public art gallery based at Arts University Plymouth, which features a high-quality contemporary programme of exhibitions and events, and seeks to enrich teaching and learning at the university, whilst also welcoming a wider public audience to enjoy and debate contemporary arts.

MIRROR’s exhibition programme is shaped by the curriculum, with focus given to art, design and digital media, reflecting the rich and diverse cultural community of the university and the city. MIRROR specialises in supporting artists at various stages of their careers, enabling them to produce new exhibitions, and offering exciting opportunities to enhance their professional practice in fresh and interesting ways.

MIRROR often works in partnership, contributing actively to strengthening and enhancing the offer of arts and culture in Plymouth.

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A woman stands in a white gallery space looking at large printed photographs of people at the seaside.
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Left to Right: Matt Stokes, British Art Show 7, Suki Dhanda, Eleanor Duffin, Boudicca

We have showcased the work of artists including Matt Stokes, (as part of We The People Are The Work), Abigail Reynolds, Brian Griffiths (as part of The British Art Show 7) Craig Fisher, BOUDICCA, Martin Parr, Albert Irvin, Timorous Beasties, Catherine Yass (as part of Walk On) and many more.

  • You can find all forthcoming exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops hosted in or through the MIRROR programme here.
  • You can see our ever-expanding archive of Gallery Shorts films – mini interview-led documentaries focusing on the artist's exhibition at MIRROR – online here.

Gallery Shorts: Eleanor Duffin | A Phantom Limb

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Left to right: Katie Schwab, Simon Baylis, Envisions, Torsten Lauschmann, Laura Phillips

Since 2011 MIRROR (previously named The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art) has been running a free, events programme which is open to all students, staff and the wider public.

Events include artist/curator talks, performances, screenings, and workshops and tend to take place in association with exhibitions, usually on Friday afternoons at the university. Previously to this, the Exhibitions team ran an internal visiting artist talks programme for students and staff.

Below is a list of the fantastic artists and curators who have delivered a talk, run a workshop or presented a performance at the university.

Stay up to date with exhibitions, events and behind the scenes info from MIRROR on Instagram.