Emma Flintham BA Hons Graphic Design

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

From the labelling in your clothes to the apps on your phone – Graphic Design impacts every aspect of modern life.

<p>On this ambitious course you’ll become part of a new breed of professional designers empowering brands and inspiring community action on a global scale, through both traditional and hybrid design approaches.</p> <p>*This course was previously titled BA (Hons) Graphic Communication, but will change to BA (Hons) Graphic Design for September 2024 entry onwards.</p>
<p>There’s never been a more exhilarating time to study graphic design as a discipline, as companies strive to cultivate culture and connect with their audience in new and unexpected ways. Discover what it takes to influence public conscience, capture imagination and provoke discussion through effective visual communication.</p> <p>If you’re interested in the role of graphic design as a vehicle for change and idea transfer, this degree will equip you with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to succeed at the forefront of industry. From print publications to large-format advertising, user experience to data visualisation – you will learn how to make your ideas an online and offline reality.</p>
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<p>Grounded in a critical awareness of societal and cultural contexts, early-on you will be encouraged to adopt the mindset of a design professional. Through interdisciplinary experiments and collaborative projects, you’ll learn both specialist and generalist approaches to graphic design, with a focus on the opportunities afforded by advances in new technologies. </p> <p>With the support of our expert academics and industry-practising technicians, you will forge your own professional journey within an ever-evolving international landscape of motion, print, social and interactive media design. You’ll learn how to respond to current design needs, from research and concept through to prototype and design, strategising packaging and campaigns that inform, entertain and persuade. Your studies will also equip you with progressive problem-solving skills needed by future employers, including themes of ecological sustainability, emerging technologies and user-centred design.</p>

Check out the final major projects from our Class of 2022 cohort.

100% of BA (Hons) Graphic Design students agreed that “the course has developed their knowledge and skills that they think they will need for the future.”
- National Student Survey 2023
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<p>Our students enjoy unrivalled access to resources both traditional and future-facing, including screen- printing and letterpress workshops, 2D and 3D animation studios, state-of-the-art digital production equipment, and creative software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects for motion graphics and Indesign and Illustrator for page layout and vector work.</p> <p>Core specialisms include </p><ul><li>Digital Graphics</li><li>Motion Graphics and Emerging Technologies</li><li>Graphic Design and Typography</li><li>Brand Identity &amp; Communications</li><li>Social Media Campaigns</li></ul>
Thyra Bankole

Thyra Bankole

<p>The content of this course has been designed in close consultation with industry professionals so that you can be confident your learning will future-proof you for a dynamic and competitive job market. Through live briefs and work placements to award competitions and international showcases - this degree will ensure you graduate with a diverse portfolio and real-world experience.</p> <p>Your studies will also be underpinned by our enviable programme of visiting lecturers. Recent external contributors to the course include; Getty images, JDO Raw, Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs, Upshot Design Agency, Creative Conscience, Trevor Pettit, and Ramuntcho Matta.</p>
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100% of BA (Hons) Graphic Design students agreed that “the teaching staff were good at explaining things.”
- National Student Survey 2023
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<p>Many of our graduates go on to establish their own freelance practice or collaborative studios, others find rewarding work in publishing, consultancies and as in-house designers. Whether you aspire to work for an independent studio, advertising agency, household name brand or for yourself – a world of opportunity awaits you on our graphic design degree.</p>
<p><strong>In the 2023 National Student Survey, 100% of BA (Hons) Graphic Design students agreed that, “the teaching staff were good at explaining things”, “the course has developed their knowledge and skills that they think they will need for the future”, “they received their assessment feedback on time”, “the library resources supported their learning well” and “their opinions about the course were valued by staff”.</strong></p> <p>90% of students also responding positively in the themes of questions regarding “Teaching on my course” and “Academic support” and 90% of students agreed that “the teaching staff made the subject engaging”, “the course challenged them to achieve their best work”, “they had the chance to bring together information and ideas from different topics”, “the assessments allowed them to demonstrate what they have learned”, “It was easy to contact the teaching staff when they needed to”, “the teaching staff supported their learning well”, “they had the right opportunities to give feedback on their course” and “the students’ union represented the students’ academic interests well”.</p> <p><strong>100% of BA (Hons) Graphic Design students also responded positively to the newest NSS questions, “During your studies, how free did you feel to express your ideas, opinions and beliefs?” demonstrating how hard we work to create a campus culture where all students thrive in an inclusive and supportive environment.</strong></p>

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