From Water by Mary Trapp MA Fine Art

Master of Fine Art (MFA)

Course Duration

1 year; full-time
2 years; part-time

Our Master of Fine Art (MFA) programme gives you the opportunity to enhance your creative profile by executing an ambitious, time-limited project that results in significant public exposure for your body of creative work.

The MFA is a platform for experienced creative practitioners who want access to a dynamic and supportive art school environment when bringing a project to fruition. It provides a framework within which to conceive, refine and consolidate an advanced body of work, which will be shared publicly.

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Students exhibit their final work at the annual postgraduate show.

As an MFA student, you will develop a robust research proposal into a substantial and resolved creative outcome that will be exhibited and assessed in a public venue. With the support of staff who are specialists in your area, and with access to regular group critique and lectures, you will hone your conception of audience and disseminate your work in an appropriate form.

The programme lasts one academic year full-time, or two years part-time, and culminates in an exhibition of creative outcomes.

The models of delivery and support that will apply to your work are built around the negotiated proposal that you will provide on application, and that you will refine into a robust project plan during the first weeks of the course. You will work with your tutors to fashion a programme that is tailored to the needs of your project.

We offer a high level of critical debate and industry-standard technical facilities, with access to workshop areas across the university.

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Reactive Reverence by Katie Upton MA Fine Art

The MFA is suitable for artists, designers and creative practitioners with a well-developed practice, who have completed an MA and wish to refine and consolidate a professional body of work suitable for public dissemination. To enrol on our MFA, a recent MA or 180 level 7 credits in an art, design, crafts or media discipline is required.

This programme supports artists, designers and creative practitioners with a well-developed practice and a completed MA, and who wish to refine their practice for exhibition or dissemination in a professional arena.

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You will have the opportunity to critically engage with current debates within the subject area, relevant institutional contexts and partners and be encouraged to consider what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.

We’ll support you in articulating your ideas, developing your working methods and creating independent work, through individual tutorials, lectures, subject-specific seminars, studio and gallery visits and group critiques with access to our rich workshop areas and technical resources across the university.