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Our People

Allie Couch

Freelance Designer

Allie Couch completed her BA (Hons) in Graphic Design in 2016. After finishing her degree in the Summer, she collaborated with graphic designer Owen Jones designing branding and promotional material for a city-wide project led by Plymouth City Council: Fashion in the City. Their work was displayed throughout the city advertising the Fashion Week held in September.

She has since been working as a contracted and freelance designer at Sponge, a company specialising in digital learning and has moved her practice to Bristol with an aim to explore the city as a creative.

"I'm a graphic designer and photographer with a passion for brand and making communication exciting. My style of work focuses on colour and form. I have the passion for making engaging design and in the future I'd love to explore more interactive design though advertising and branding. I love creative work that helps people to see things differently; one of the reasons that I love photography so much is that I feel I can show people the world from a different point of view...I've naturally always been 'the ideas' person with the wild imagination so I'd love to put this to good use in managing progects and directing a team of creatives as passionate and full of life as myself".

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