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Our People

Johnny Smeaton


A digital specialist and self-confessed nerd, Johnny is driven by a desire to narrow the distinction between science and the arts. A BSc in Digital Art & Technology and a career as a web programmer have led to his interest in data and generative art - using code as a paintbrush - and in computer games both as products of design and as learning tools.

Always with one ear to the ground, he enjoys problem-solving indie games and discussing cutting edge technological developments.

"I love that our students are encouraged to explore and not to play it safe. When things go wrong here it's an opportunity to learn rather than a failure and that makes for progressive and exciting ideas. Having learnt from my time in industry and my creative practice I'm an advocate of collaboration and flexibility so seeing groups click creatively and develop professionally is a real joy. It's great to see the widespread adoption of contemporary communication technology and online tools at the university too. There's an exhilarating energy about the place."

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