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Our People

Neil Jones

Technical Demonstrator - Multimedia Lab

Neil’s career in Graphic Design started in 2001. He spent four years studying the subject at Plymouth College of Art - then known as Plymouth College of Art and Design, then going on to Berkshire College of Art to study for his degree. After his first few jobs with design agencies, he decided to start his own business in Plymouth (despite many people telling him that starting a design business in Plymouth was not viable). He went on to run a successful design business for eight years, with clients including the NHS and RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).

In 2006, Neil reignited his passion for photography and creative image making, buying his first DSLR. Having previously only used film cameras, Neil found the digital side of photography fascinating and he learnt everything he could, becoming obsessed with the technical aspect of photography.

Neil’s career took a different turn after he spent some time volunteering at Dartmoor Zoo in 2011. Dartmoor Zoo was bought in August 2006 by Benjamin Mee, who wrote a book about his experiences called We Bought a Zoo (2008), and a film based on the book was released in 2011, starring Matt Damon and directed by Cameron Crowe.

Having always been interested in animals and wildlife, Neil enjoyed volunteering at Dartmoor Zoo as a change from his usual office job. Seeing that the Zoo’s lack of funding had left them with little promotional material, and out of date branding, Neil provided them with an updated style and rebranded their advertising materials. He was then asked by Benjamin Mee (who was played in the film by Matt Damon) to help out with promotion for the film, arranging interviews, travel and the film premiere. This then led to Neil being employed full time as the Zoo’s Marketing Manager, and he spent the next five years helping the Zoo to transform from being privately owned and unfunded to becoming a registered charity.

Neil’s main passion has always been photography, and in 2016 he joined the team at Plymouth College of Art as a Technical Demonstrator in both Photography and Graphic Design. Neil gets his inspiration from discovering new locations to shoot in.

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