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Zoe Clarke

Zoe Clarke is part of a community of artists at Maker Heights (Rame School of Arts), on the Rame Peninsula in Cornwall, where she has had an art studio for ten years. Her most recent exhibition of artwork was in the Officers mess at Maker heights, Christmas 2014. After obtaining a Masters in Entrepreneurship in Creative Practice at Plymouth College of Art in October 2014, she concentrated on her fine art practice and honed her print-based skills, using alternative portraiture as her theme to develop her body of work for her Masters. The project studied a select group of people from her community who live aboard boats; as a background to the project she also published two photography books on the boatyards of the area with Amazon.com.

Since leaving the course Zoe has started a portrait project, which will be finalised as a series of etchings, possibly using alternative surfaces and found materials. Since meeting with the curator of the Sterts Centre, Cornwall, she is in discussions with her to have an exhibition of her portraits later on this year. Over the summer of 2014 she worked on a photography project in the Azores, where she is organising an art exhibition with the curator of Horta Library gallery on the island of Faial.

During August 2014 Zoe ran a community arts workshop at the Labyrinth festival, near Looe in Cornwall, painting tshirts with children. As a short course tutor she is in her fourth year of running highly successful Creative Painting Short Courses at Plymouth College of Art (details available on the PCA homepage).

Zoe started working on a collaborative project to illustrate a food foraging recipes book with a friend, who runs food foraging walks, and is planning to develop some of the illustrations into soft furnishings to be sold in her friend’s bell tent in the Summer of 2015.

In the future Zoe is planning to have an art auction at Plymouth College of art from her previous collections to raise capital for a printing press, a new camera and laptop to develop her fine arts practice. She is also hoping to exhibit and sell her work in London and beyond. Pre-arranged visits to the studio are welcome. See Zoe's website here.

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