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An MA Love Story

Joshua Lyle and Essi Peuhkuri met while studying for their MA’s, Joshua in Visual Communication and Essi in Disruptive Design. After sharing a study skills session, love blossomed and this summer they tied the knot! In celebration of their wedding we talked to them both about their happily ever after.
<p dir="ltr"><strong>Can you tell us how you first met?</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>ESSI</strong> - We were both studying for our MA's, Joshua in <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Visual Communication</a> and me in Disruptive Design. The first time we met and spoke properly to each other was during a study skills session. Joshua was more interested in showing me funny cat memes than planning his weekly study schedule! I thought he had a great sense of humour, he made me laugh and somehow he still made all his deadlines.</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>What made you decide on your courses?</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>ESSI</strong> - I chose to study at Arts University Plymouth because they offered the only <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">MA Disruptive Design</a> course in the UK at the time. I wanted to research fashion and sustainability from a system thinking perspective and work on ways of applying the knowledge gained through my masters into my design practice. </p> <p dir="ltr"> </p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>JOSHUA</strong> - I chose to study <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">MA Visual Communication</a> after graduating from the BA Hons Fashion, Media and Marketing (now <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">BA Hons Fashion Communication</a>) at Arts University Plymouth. I enjoyed the course so much I decided to stay for an MA. I thought that the MA would offer me a chance to further develop my photography practice.<br /></p>
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<p dir="ltr"><strong>What made you choose Arts University Plymouth for your studies?</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>JOSHUA</strong> - As a Plymouth native I had already studied at Arts University Plymouth for 5 years before my MA and felt excited about taking my studies further. I knew the environment, I knew the staff and knew I would be happy there.</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>ESSI </strong>- I chose Arts University Plymouth for it's independent, creative and forward-thinking view on higher-education.</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>Can you tell us about one of your favourite memories of Plymouth?</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>ESSI </strong>- I love all things fall and Halloween so last October in 2021 we headed out to Pip's pick your own to choose our very own pumpkins to carve. Joshua wasn't too into the idea to begin with but towards the end he ended up being the fussier one on the hunt for the most perfect, little pumpkin. We got home and carved them for jack'o lanterns together and it was such a fun day out on the pumpkin fields!<br /></p>
<p dir="ltr"><strong>What are your plans for the future?</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>JOSHUA</strong> - We are about to move to Finland at the end of September 2022. Essi is from Finland and we've been planning this move for a few years now. It will definitely be a fresh start for us after the pandemic and it'll be nice to spend some time closer to Essi's family for a change. </p>