Antonia Creavin Jerwood Botanical Dopamine 1

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Art @ Edgcumbe - In Pictures

Students respond to Mount Edgcumbe's vast estate with innovative sculptures and artefacts
<p>The <a href="">Art @ Edgcumbe</a> open air exhibition allows second year BA (Hons) Craft &amp; Material Practices students to design and build site-specific artefacts to define a sense of the geography and history of Mount Edgcumbe. Running from 26 May, students worked from a brief and were asked to create work that connected to the rich stories and history of Mount Edgcumbe.</p>
Nathan Soper Abyssi
Sarah Drury Crystal Clear2
Sarah Drury Crystal Clear1
Sirun Chiarini Lethes Memoriam
Elizabeth Vargova 71 2
Elizabeth Vargova 71 1

Nathan Soper's 'Abyssi', Sarah Drury's 'Crystal Clear', Sirun Chiarini's 'Lethe's Mermorium' and Elizabeth Vargova's '71'

<p>The work displayed has been meticulously handmade using a range of innovative craft processes to provide the audience with interactive, visual and auditory experiences.</p>
Elliot Limberg Captive Abode1
Elliot Limberg Captive Abode2
Caroline Barr Limpets on the Landscape 2
Caroline Barr Limpets on the Landscape 1
Liz Vass Theory According to Darwin 2
Liz Vass Theory According to Darwin 1

Elliot Limberg's 'Captive Abode', Caroline Barr's 'Limpets on the Landscape' and Liz Vass' 'Theory According to Darwin'.

<p dir="ltr">The sculptures have been placed throughout the estate using a range of display methods so the public can discover the work hidden amongst the winding paths throughout the gardens. The pieces on display include: a spider web inspired installation, a large limpet made of recycled umbrellas and plastic waste and a series of canopies inspired by the lucid patterns of bugs, bees and wasps. <br /></p>
Craig Grant Land and Sea
Nichola Stevens Born in the Purple 2
Nichola Stevens Born in the Purple 1
Antonia Creavin Jerwood Botanical Dopamine 2
Antonia Creavin Jerwood Botanical Dopamine 1

Craig Grant's 'Land and Sea', Nichola Steven's 'Born in the Purple' and Antonia Creavin Jerwood's 'Botanical Dopamine'

<p dir="ltr">Students involved in the exhibition include Nathan Soper, Sarah Drury, Sirun Chiarini, Elizabeth Vargova, Elliot Limberg, Caroline Barr, Liz Vass, Craig Grant, Nichola Stevens, Antonia Creavin Jerwood, Grace Crawford, Lisa McEleny and Jaimie Clarke.<br /></p>
Grace Crawford Insectorum 2
Grace Crawford Insectorum 1
Lisa Mc Eleny None of their Beeswax 2
Lisa Mc Eleny None of their Beeswax 1
Jaimie Clarke Net of Awareness A Vibrant Warning

Grace Crawford's 'Insectorum', Lisa McEleny's 'None of their Beeswax' and Jaimie Clarke's 'Net of a Awareness: A Vibrant Warning'

<p dir="ltr"><a href="">BA (Hons) Craft &amp; Material Practices</a> at Arts University Plymouth is an ever-evolving course at the forefront of thinking and making, with an increasing emphasis on ways that people in the UK’s craft industry can live harmoniously within natural and fabricated environments that support a healthy ecosystem. Visit our next <a href="">Open Day</a> on Saturday 30 September 2023 to find out more.<br /></p>