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Alumna Emily Skinner’s Thirty Five Studio wins at the Global Business Awards

The agency wins Best Female-Owned Social Media Agency for Southern England 2023

Arts University Plymouth alumna Emily Skinner's creative agency, Thirty Five Studio, has been honoured with the award for 'Best Female-Owned Social Media Agency for Southern England 2023' in the Global Business Awards. This accolade underpins the agency's commitment to innovation, excellence, and the upliftment of female entrepreneurs, with clients of the studio having been featured in prestigious publications including British Vogue, Marie Claire, and Glamour.

The Global Business Awards are hosted by Corporate Vision magazine and aim to recognise the best of the best across the global corporate landscape. The awards celebrate leading companies from a diverse range of industries. The 2023 edition of the Global Business Awards spotlighted the latest market trends and developments, shining a light on trailblazers who maintain excellence and drive success in modern business.

23-year-old Emily said, “I found out by email that we had won! It was a bit surreal and as cliché as it sounds, I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve always wanted to get Thirty Five to a place where it was recognised for the work we do and even though we don’t need an award to signify that, it does help. I have only been running Thirty Five full time for about two and a half years, so being able to get to the point where we’re winning awards in such a short space of time is something I’m proud of. I like to think you can do and achieve anything no matter your age or experience in the industry.”

Emily Skinner

Emily Skinner

Founder Emily Skinner graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing from Arts University Plymouth in 2021 and launched Thirty Five Studio the same year. The agency quickly gained prominence in the social media sphere, specialising in services for female-led brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors.

Emily commented, "It's been an incredible journey since launching Thirty Five Studio three years ago. I am immensely proud of the amazing female businesses we've collaborated with and the talented women in the industry who have contributed to our success."

“We’re currently planning December and January with our current clients, which is exciting but also full on, as this is the busiest time of year in marketing! January 2023 was one of the busiest months we ever had so we’re preparing for the same this January. Myself and Chloe, Thirty Five’s studio and social assistant, are looking to take time off over the festive season, since all of our client work has been planned in advance. Being a business owner, I’ve not actually taken a consistent period of time off this year, but we’re looking to expand next year and grow the team so I’m excited for that too.”

Ivybridge-based Emily has been dedicated to filling the market gap for high-quality content aimed at businesses with smaller budgets. Her agency focuses on content creation, social media management, and branding, all whilst maintaining a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Thirty Five The Studio

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Emily had been a blogger since 2016, specialising in digital content marketing, branding, and fashion videography. During her time at Arts University Plymouth, she guest-lectured her cohort on blogging and played a key role in establishing the BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing Class of 2021 website.

Emily said, “I will always be so appreciative of my time at Arts University Plymouth. I felt we were always encouraged to go down the route that we wanted to when it came to our projects and the creative freedom of it allowed me to set up Thirty Five during my final year. The course allowed Thirty Five to be what it is today. It’s such a community-based university and I loved the atmosphere and feeling of the place.”

“I also really enjoyed how hands-on my course was. It was the main reason why I chose to go to Arts University Plymouth over other universities. Fashion Media & Marketing is a very practical course, so it allowed me to really play around and experiment. I went into the course wanting to be a fashion buyer, and came out wanting to run my own social media business - it allowed me to really hone in on what I wanted to do.”

Thirty Five Studio

In her third year, Emily was invited, along with her cohort, to create a portfolio of promotional material for a live brief with the streetwear brand Size?. Emily's winning idea was conceptualised through an extensive portfolio inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I was thrilled to learn that I had won. It's a topic that I knew I had to approach with sensitivity and understanding, so I'm pleased that my efforts were recognised as worthy of the award.”

Her final major project then paved the way for the establishment of Thirty Five Studio, which now boasts a diverse clientele, including the well-known brand Zalando.

Emily said, “My advice to anyone thinking of starting their own business, I would say the best thing to do is prepare and don’t rush the process. By being able to set up Thirty Five as my final major project, I was able to thoroughly research the process, competitors, industry, positioning and more before launching. A lot of people don’t realise how many moving components there are, and it was something I slowly built on over time. It’s a massive learning process and I’m still learning today! Working with clients has also allowed me to expand my own knowledge as no client is the same. Just get yourself out there, engage with brands who you would deem as perfect clients, and take time to develop and build your foundation. For a client to invest in your business, they need to see you have spent the time investing in yours so they can trust you.”