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The Boris Karloff 60-Second Film Challenge

Taking inspiration from any aspect of Boris Karloff’s life or work, you are challenged to make a 60-second film that we can bring to audiences across the globe!
<p>Plymouth College of Art and <a href=";eid=ARAJhnfySEyLCvjM1DR1cvtmfdzGU7ONLsL9HfglaAP5ARrR-42T0WTv2V7mSJQtkEZvccJRJMN39F20&amp;fref=mentions&amp;__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDMoNnGFqJMAaALyb9xjJ3YCeppKLxzK0Wj9lknGEo1bWe1rctMJinENu22cO-4CuRxLUPpq5nTKE3wRj5mWUevFBfNxEeZPW5-WbodymEMeS7NtZGJldJI-RjJ2y1gmW0NP3E0n_nLD_c7sRpoTM65NxVOzZ3BU3FHw9DFBaLK_kmBYkM08uHQWq0e6U87Zq4OVTiDBPBseWcOGFsyyCCa4w-FEDU3Se08xpwlmOTmp-QT7SyD82eaz37N9vJKmNDbZotK2UtKkWs-aX1AqLXaBLsZ6_l_XXU_nxG-l-IJPcl6d6wy7ys45FmRfVbDDj83-xUU4NZ7H8MNGg">Plymouth Arts Cinema</a> are pleased to announce that the submission deadline for the Boris Karloff 60-second film challenge <strong>has been extended until Friday 11th December.</strong><br /></p>
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<p>“The monster was the best friend I ever had.” — Boris Karloff</p> <p>Open to all styles and genres, your film can be created using any media - from shooting on your phone to using animation, digital media or photography.</p> <p><strong>To make a submission, please upload your film to Vimeo and then email a private, password protected link to <a href=""></a> - don't forget to include the password in your email.</strong></p>