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How to look after your mental health

The coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak is a source of worry for many right now, but there are lots of things you can do to help your mental state. We’ve put together a list of tips that can help you cope with these challenges.
<p>At Plymouth College of Art, the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors is of the utmost importance. As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation evolves, we will continue to keep you informed and reassured.</p> <p>The coronavirus outbreak is a source of worry for many right now, but there are lots of things you can do to protect your mental health. We’ve put together a list of tips that can help you cope with these challenges.<br /></p>
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<p>Stay informed of the situation, but use official sources, such as the <a href="">Gov</a> and <a href="">NHS</a> websites, which will help you avoid speculating on rumours and misinformation. If reading the news or logging into social media makes you feel anxious, consider limiting how much you look at it.</p>
<p>It will make you feel more in control to be well informed as to how to protect yourself, your family and friends. Follow the <a href="">correct hygiene advice</a> and make an action plan for the coming weeks to help put your mind at rest.</p>
<p>Keep in touch with your friends and family digitally and connect with others who are in similar situations. There’s loads of ways to stay connected with phone calls, video chats, messages, and applications such as <a href="">TikTok</a>, <a href="">Skype</a> and <a href="">Zoom</a> so make the most of them to combat any loneliness.</p> <p>Dont forget to keep in touch with your subject leaders and fellow classmates and make the most of online communities such as <a href="">Togetherall</a>.</p> <p>If you're an applicant, looking to study with us in September and would like more information, please email <a href=""></a> or call +44 1752 203402 (8.30-17.00, Monday to Friday) to arrange a call back on the phone, Skype, or Google Meet. You can also say hello on WhatsApp (+44 7722 744184) or message our friendly team on social.</p>
<p>This is a stressful time for everyone and it’s totally okay to feel anxiety or panic, especially if you have long term mental health conditions or past trauma. It’s important to acknowledge those feelings, reach out and remind each other to look after our physical and mental health as best we can.</p>
<p>It’s important to eat well, stay hydrated, keep taking your medication and continue accessing treatment if possible. There are ways to get your prescriptions sent to your home, and ask your therapist or support worker about moving appointments to over the phone, text or online.</p>
<p>Your immediate environment has a massive impact on your mental state. Take some time to tidy your room or clean your house. Keeping your space tidy, clean and serene will have a positive effect on your outlook.</p>
<p>Even with all this time spent at home, it’s important to get down time. Try and get access to nature and sunlight wherever possible, eat well, stay hydrated and keep active so your body gets what it needs to deal with stress. If you’re struggling with anxiety attacks, <a href="">AnxietyUK</a> recommends practicing the <a href="">Apple</a> technique to deal with your immediate worries.</p>
<p>It’s easy to say 'stay positive', but there are ways you can keep your frame of mind in a more optimistic place. We’ve attached some links at the bottom of this article for some more in depth advice, but some quick tips are practice mindfulness, keep busy, prioritize your self care and keep connected with others. <strong>We’ll get through this together.</strong></p>
<h4>For regular updates on the <a href="">college's response to coronavirus</a> and FAQs covering absence reporting, opening times, and assessment hand-ins — please regularly check your student email.<br /></h4> <p>You can access support through Plymouth College of Art by emailing <a href=""></a> who can provide you with tailor-made advice. Students can also make appointments with our counsellor, welfare advisor and wellbeing advisor through Google Chat. More information is available through the Student Support section on the <a href="">Student Portal</a>.</p> <p><a href="">Togetherall</a> is a safe online resource for students, supporting those who are stressed, anxious or feeling low. There is a forum with support from trained professionals, you can talk anonymously with other members and take part in group or one-to-one therapy with therapists.</p> <p>For a great resource on how to look after your wellbeing during this time, visit the <a href="">Mind UK website</a> for information on how to deal with your concerns, including making plans for self isolation and a checklist for being prepared.</p> <p>Helpful links:</p><ul><li><a href=""></a></li><li><a href="">NHS</a></li><li><a href="">BBC</a></li><li><a href="">Mental Health Foundation</a></li></ul>