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Fashion Communication alumni e-commerce photographer for Pro:Direct

Charlie Wise graduated from Arts University Plymouth’s BA (Hons) Fashion Communication degree in 2019
<p dir="ltr">Arts University Plymouth alumni Charlie Wise has joined <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Pro:Direct</a> as an e-commerce photographer. Based near Exeter and graduating from <a href="">BA (Hons) Fashion Communication</a> (then called BA (Hons) Fashion, Media &amp; Marketing) in 2019, Charlie’s role involves taking product images for Pro:Direct’s website.</p> <p dir="ltr">Charlie said, “I’d known about Pro:Direct during my time at university, and it was when I was looking on the website on the off chance that I saw this role come up. I applied of course, but honestly didn’t expect to get an interview, let alone actually get the role!”<br /></p>
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Photo by Charlie Wise for Pro:Direct

<p dir="ltr">“We shoot thousands of varied products a year, which could range from the newest Adidas World Cup football boot launch to some simple Vans slip ons! There are four photographers, each having a dual screen and desktop shooting set up for photographing products. We also shoot a lot of garments either on mannequins or models, too. Model shoots are my favourite part of the job I think, definitely the most fun!”</p> <p dir="ltr">“I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from my colleagues in the studio, but I’ve also gained a lot of confidence in my ability to take on bigger tasks that are outside of my comfort zone. A prime example of this would be leading model e-commerce shoots and getting between 75 and 90 products shot on a model in a single day. It’s a lot of work but it really allows me to express myself creatively, while also learning as I go.”<br /></p>
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Charlie Wise

<p dir="ltr">Taking inspiration from many films, comics and art pieces, 26 year old Charlie is a self-confessed nerd and calls his work creative therapy.<br /></p> <p dir="ltr">Charlie said, “I draw inspiration from anywhere I can find it! I take the most inspiration from the human mind: thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions. I tend to put a lot of my own past experiences into my creative work, it’s a great way to express myself through art. I try to treat it as a healing process for myself.” <br /></p>
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Photo by Charlie Wise for Pro:Direct

<p dir="ltr">“I loved my three years at Arts University Plymouth, I made friends there that I’ll have for life, but I also found out so much about myself, my interests, my creative flow and what path I’d like to take going forward. I think the best part of my time was just how at home I felt. I instantly felt accepted and accounted for and it felt like the course was tailored for me! It was the perfect balance of being forced out of my comfort zone, while also having masses of support to fall back on when things got overwhelming. It was ideal that we had a small class size, it allowed me to have lots of one on one time with my lecturers whenever I needed. It was the perfect course in terms of creative freedom and self expression.”<br /></p>
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Photo by Charlie Wise for Pro:Direct

<p dir="ltr">“My advice to anyone getting into industry would always be to just be yourself and be confident in your abilities. Big yourself up and show off what you can do. With confidence comes positive energy which you will give off to those around you. The bigger and more positive the aura you have, the more people will want to be around you and work with you!”<br /></p> <p><a href="">Kirsty Smith</a>, Senior Lecturer and Subject Leader for <a href="">BA (Hons) Fashion Communication</a> said, <strong>“</strong>It is wonderful to hear that Charlie's remarkable eye for spotting photographic trends and his knowledge of marketing strategies have enabled him to take on this position, shortly after graduating university. This accomplishment is a testament to his dedication, perseverance in perfecting his skills and achieving his ambitions. His hard work has paid off and allowed him to pursue his creative interests whilst also feeling fulfilled in his career. It is a great feeling for staff to know that our course supports students' career ambitions. Delivering a curriculum that is reflective of industry standards has always been a priority for the team.”</p>
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Photo by Charlie Wise for Pro:Direct

<p dir="ltr"><a href="">BA (Hons) Fashion Communication</a> students at the arts university have opportunities to collaborate with students with other specialisms on campus, including graphic designers, photographers and filmmakers. To find out what it’s like to be involved in a creative community, visit <a href=""></a> or check out the next Arts University Plymouth <a href="">Open Day</a>. <br /></p>