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Fashion Design graduates take to the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week 2022

Four talented BA (Hons) Fashion Design graduates show off their collections at this year's Graduate Fashion Week in London

Third year Fashion Design students had the opportunity to pitch their collections to a panel of industry experts for a chance to exhibit at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week that took place in London. The lucky four, Morgan Elder, Millie Jenkinson, Beni Riley and Oliwia Nowotnik were selected to take part in the five day event, which brings together graduates from across the country to show off their skills to hundreds of industry professionals with hopes of being scouted as the new up-in-coming talent in the UK Fashion industry.

7 H6 A2605 Collective Matthew Clark
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Oliwia Nowotnik Image by Rory James 16 1
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Beni Riley was selected by judges as one of the ‘Highly Commended’ designers. He describes his work as often being influenced by military and active gear. In his final year, Beni focused on functionality as an essential element of future fashion, demonstrating how functionality can go hand in hand with aesthetics. During his time at Arts University Plymouth, Beni developed his skills in research, industrial sewing, pattern-making, designing, illustrating, mood board-making and more.

Beni Riley

Beni Riley's collection on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week 2022

The final collections from Morgan, Millie and Oliwia covered a variety of experimental themes, such as unisex streetwear, upcycled furniture inspired by the concept of hoarding and feelings of nostalgia during the pandemic. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity through fabrics, different subject matters and techniques supported by our talented academic staff.

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Morgan Elder GFW22 Collective 990
Morgan Elder GFW22 Collective 962
Oliwia Nowotnik GFW22 Collective 815

Morgan, Millie and Oliwia's collections on the catwalk

Oliwia said, “In current times especially after lockdown and isolation, we have all felt a little bit lost and confused. I know for sure that from my experience that the challenges I faced created a massive strain on my creativity and my identity, however my love for art and fashion gave me a reason to carry on and never give up and therefore the importance of fashion is represented throughout my work.”

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One of Millie's outfits for her collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2022

The UK fashion industry is estimated to be worth a whopping £60 billion in 2022 and this figure is increasing year on year thanks to the rise in popularity of ecommerce and the new generation of ‘influencer’ marketing.

If you’re interested in applying to study BA (Hons) Fashion Design or one of our range of other creative qualifications, Clearing 2022 is now open, with time left to apply to start in September 2022. Call our Clearing Hotline on 01752 203402 to discuss your options.