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Fine Art in practice at Arts University Plymouth

Academics and technicians from our BA (Hons) Fine Art course came together to create ‘Pilot’, the first dedicated Fine Art staff exhibition in Arts University Plymouth.
<p dir="ltr">Academics and technicians from our <a href="">BA (Hons) Fine Art</a> course came together to create ‘Pilot’, the first dedicated Fine Art staff exhibition in Arts University Plymouth.</p> <p dir="ltr">Featuring work by practising artists BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Leader <a href="">Sarah King</a>, Lecturer <a href="">Joanne Dorothea-Smith</a>, Lecturer <a href="">Dr Helen Billinghurst</a>, Lecturer <a href="">Louise Fago-Ruskin</a>, and Technical Demonstrator (and Arts University Plymouth graduate) <a href="">Paul Hillon</a>, ‘Pilot’ presented a range of works-in-progress that disclose the artist’s creative processes to students and colleagues.</p>
Jo dorothea Smith
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Jo Dorothea-Smith's work

<p dir="ltr">Sarah King said: “Whether you're an experienced or an emerging artist, the process of creating, curating and exhibiting your work in a public setting follows the same process. We hope that by sharing our personal practices on campus at Arts University Plymouth, we can help students to see the ways that we put into practice the same creative processes that we teach in BA (Hons) Fine Art.</p> <p dir="ltr">“We're sharing work-in-progress from a diverse range of creative practices, posing questions about our methodologies and motivations. Testing, sharing and exhibiting work is key to developing your practice, and is an important aspect of studying Fine Art here at Arts University Plymouth.”<br /></p>
Paul Hillon The Prompt Reconstruction 2024
Paul Hillon Reconstruction Detail 2024
Paul Hillon Reconstruction 2024

Paul Hillon's 'Reconstruction'

<p dir="ltr">‘Pilot’ was hosted in Project Space 1, a rolling exhibition space within Arts University Plymouth that is used throughout the year to give students and other members of the university’s creative community the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting.</p> <p dir="ltr">Within ‘Pilot’, Sarah King presented various works-in-progress from her evolving body of work entitled ‘The Lost Object’. King’s practice is an intuitive one, exploring notions of memory, trace and the uncanny. Material explorations are presented in the form of offerings whilst chance incidents and intimate encounters with found ephemera inform the act of enveloping oneself in the work . ‘The Lost Object’ engages with the attempt to mend the impossible.<br /></p>
Sarah King veiled sight 20233
Sarah King veiled sight 20231

Sarah King's 'Veiled Sight'

<p><a href="">Paul Hillon’s practice</a> investigates the complex connections between physical structures, technology and human interactivity. These works-in-progress present as unresolved interplays between these particular thematics and extend Hillon’s current research on the past, present and possible future landscapes of Plymouth.</p> <p dir="ltr">Joanne Dorothea-Smith engages in her work with themes of autism and synaesthesia. Delving into the interplay of spacetime, quantum entanglement and consciousness, her methodology utilises the found photograph to challenge photographic realities and perceptions as she explores the philosophical nature of light. Her work is rooted in her lived experience, and she advocates for creative abstraction to communicate neurodivergent encounters. <br /></p>
Helen Billinghurst Spirit House Red 2024

Helen Billinghurst's 'Spirit House: Red'

<p>Helen Billinghurst’s work is rooted in walking and paying attention. She is particularly interested in the codes of the landscape and the encountered atmospheres, ambiences, genii loci or ‘personalities of place’ of marginalised and overlooked spaces. Helen’s ‘Spirit House’ (Red) (2024) is a work in progress made in response to walks taken in Stonehouse, Plymouth, Soho, London, and other English hunting grounds.</p>
Til All Is Correct Digital Print 2022 ongoing
Til All Is Correct Ink on Paper Digital Print 2022 ongoing

Louise Fago-Ruskin's 'Till All Is Correct'

<p dir="ltr">Louise Fago-Ruskin’s current work, ‘Til All is Correct’, seeks to examine the delicate territory of contested ideologies in a world beset with traumatic political and religious conflict. Its beginnings sit within her own familial heritage, examining painful historical acts of prejudice, exile and violence. Her work strives to extend its reach, to tackle themes of collective traumas both past and present and to tussle with the complex ethics of memorialisation and representations of genocide.</p> <p dir="ltr">Our <a href="">BA (Hons) Fine Art</a> programme promotes contemporary art practice in its broadest sense, we encourage an ambitious, self-directed and critically engaged approach to creative practice.</p> <p dir="ltr">This is a dynamic programme where you will gain skills to critically question and actively create. You will explore interdisciplinary modes of practice and gain valuable experience of the creative sector creating lasting professional networks for your creative future.<br /></p>