AUP 2 Under The Bushel October 2023

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‘From Under the Bushel’ – Shining a light on artists from across Arts University Plymouth

Estates Steward Lou Fox curates the first dedicated exhibition for staff members from every area of Plymouth’s arts university
<p dir="ltr">Thirty staff members from across Arts University Plymouth have come together to showcase their creative practices in ‘From Under the Bushel’, an exhibition curated by Estates Steward Lou Fox. Held in Project Space 1, a rolling exhibition space within the arts university that is used throughout the year to give students the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting, ‘From Under the Bushel’ featured work ranging from illustration and photography to ceramics and woven tapestries.<br /></p>
AUP 2 Under The Bushel October 2023
<p dir="ltr">Lou, who lives in Millbridge, Plymouth, said: “At Arts University Plymouth we rightly celebrate the work and achievements of our students all year round. It’s also true that, as an arts university, a lot of people are drawn to work here because of our love of art and creativity. For years I’ve wanted to find a way to shine a light on the work of staff members who don’t always have an opportunity to showcase their creative talents in their day-to-day work.<br /></p>
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<p dir="ltr">“I’m so happy to have curated this exhibition, where I could finally see artwork created by our Estates, Student Support and Front of House teams alongside our Technical Demonstrators and Lecturers. The open call to staff has brought out people who wouldn’t ordinarily have shared their talents, and what talented artists they are! This is the first dedicated exhibition for Arts University Plymouth staff that I know of, but it definitely won’t be the last.”<br /></p>
Lou Fox Right with SU Manager Harriet Moore L July 2023 2

Lou Fox (right) with AUP:SU Manager Harriet Moore

<p dir="ltr">Lou first joined the Estates team in Arts University Plymouth in 2011. The lifelong heavy metal fan left in 2014 to travel through Finland and take advantage of the country’s renowned metal scene, before returning to Arts University Plymouth and rejoining as an Estates Steward in 2016.<br /></p>
AUP 5 Under The Bushel October 2023

Work by Robbie Wayward

<p dir="ltr">‘From Under the Bushel’ features work from across almost every team in Arts University Plymouth. Contributing artists include: Jane Prior, Richard Kenton Webb, Sarah Hyatt, Claire Gladstone, Becky Dodman Wainwright, Katie Furzer, Jason Marks, Caroline Pedler, Benjamin Wright, Ethan Pennell, Tobie Loates, Tim Gundry, Jason Hirons, Dave Roberts, Katie Hoare, Robbie Wayward, Ilker Cinarel, Jess Manford, Sarah Colman, Ralph Nel, May Watts, Bridgette Ashton, Mel Brown, Iris Morgan, Isaac Lenkiewicz, Lucy Ward, Amy Pike, Russell Cleave, Olly Teagle, and Sarah King.<br /></p>