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Gallery Shorts | Katie Schwab: A Working Building

Evolving through an 18-month Design Residency at Plymouth College of Art, we sat down with designer Katie Schwab to chat about her working process and her bold exhibition 'A Working Building' as part of our Gallery Short series.
<p>Evolving through an 18-month Design Residency at Plymouth College of Art, 'A Working Building' explored design histories in relation to contemporary concerns around reused and scrap materials. </p> <p>Embracing bold, abstract and improvised patterning, the exhibition incorporated works produced at Plymouth College of Art, including block-printed wallpaper, handtufted and stitched textiles, upholstered stools, enamel wall panels and videos. With a focus on room dividers, screens and wall-based works, the installation incorporated divisions of space drawn from models of the shopfront, cinema, living room and council chambers.</p>
<p>Through observations and reflections on materials, spaces and designs, this exhibition considered ideas around shared production, craft and industry while also exploring social and cultural histories of women’s work, colonialism and migration in Devon and Cornwall.</p> <p>As part of our Gallery Shorts series, artist and designer Katie Schwab reflects on her 2019 exhibition 'A Working Building' at The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art – watch it now.</p> <p>See more of Katie’s work on her website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Read Megan Williams' review of the show <strong><a href="">here</a></strong>.</p> <p><strong>Filmed and edited by <a href="">Round One Films Ltd</a> – run by <a href="">BA (Hons) Film </a>alumni Robert Marshall and Aden Barwick.</strong></p>