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In Pictures: War of the Corners in The Gallery

Explore the latest exhibition in The Gallery, Torsten Lauschmann's War of the Corners, a body of work consisting of video projections, light, sound and sculptural instruments programmed and automated to create a fictitious post-human place of worship, with photos by Dom Moore.
<h5>At a time when populist and nationalist vocabularies have again re-surfaced, Torsten Lauschmann's "War of the Corners" is a series of ambitious works that interact with and reframe referents and resources from high and low culture, thus drawing together abstraction, humour, politics and art. Simulacrum of materials, images and motion are presented and sequenced to question the fantasy of post humanism and technological positivism.</h5>
<p>Consisting of video projections, light, sound and sculptural instruments programmed and automated to create a fictitious post-human place of worship, Lauschmann speculates and reflects on his world's absence of toil, suffering and pain.</p> <p><strong>Missed the opening? Don't worry the show runs until Saturday 8 February 2020.</strong></p>
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"Demystifying technology is a theme that recurs in my work, partly because I feel like artists should feel free to claim new technologies as their own and not impose artificial boundaries."
Torsten Lauschmann
<p>Torsten Lauschmann's art is notable for its innovative and idiosyncratic approach across a range of formats including video, photography, sound, online projects, performance, and installation. He is interested in the earliest forms of magical and cinematic entertainment, as well as the latest technological advances. He tweaks the mechanics of both digital and analogue technologies, producing works that explore our relationship with machines, as well as our understanding of the moving image and illusion.</p> <p>Made using a range of materials, found objects and technological processes, his works defy categorisation and deliberately avoid the notion of a signature style or appearance. Instead, Lauschmann is interested in delving into the fundamentals of life and human nature -- resulting in artworks that range from the melancholic, poetic and romantic, to the theoretical and the absurd.</p> <p>This exhibition presents a new and extended composition of audio-visual and sculptural works first shown at Glasgow School of Art during Glasgow International 2018.<br /></p>
<p><strong>What:</strong> Torsten Lauschmann: War of the Corners - exhibition<br /><strong>When:</strong> Friday 6 December 2019 - Saturday 8 February 2020 (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-1pm, closed Sunday and bank holidays), free and open to all.<br /><strong>Where:</strong> The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art, PL4 8AT</p>
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War of the Corners Torsten Lauschmann
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