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MA Show 2019: Innovation & disruption from research-led makers

Our MA Show 2019 was a roaring success, with a packed-out opening night in celebration of our postgraduate student's hard work and achievements. Check out photos from the night...
<h5>Plymouth College of Art's Postgraduate Centre is home to an active, cross-disciplinary community of makers and thinkers, whose work emerges from a dialogue between art, craft and design disciplines, informed by the core values of the college - the purposeful exploration of the relationship between creative learning and social justice.</h5>
<p>Featuring painting, drawing, sculptural installation, moving image, design and glass, our MA Show 2019 presented postgraduate research projects undertaken within our specialist community of practice.</p> <p>Taking place in the dedicated studios and research spaces of the college’s <a href="">Postgraduate Centre</a>, the show was open to the public from Saturday 7 to Thursday 12 September 2019 and featured a range of large-scale works, interactive works and innovative design.</p>

Congratulations to the award winners on the night, Laura Quinn and Hannah Mumby both received the Principal’s Commendation Award and Martin Müller received the Dean’s Award.

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Dr Stephen Felmingham gives a speech on the opening night
<p>Highlights of the show included <strong><a href="">Laura Quinn</a></strong>, a designer and glassblower who is interested in combining the risks and variabilities associated with the hand-made, and the certainty associated with digital design. She asks the question, how can new digital design technologies combine with traditional glass making to create a more sustainable craft practice in the production setting? Through this question, Laura explores how new perspectives on glass as material might inform an ethical approach to design and artisanal production.</p> <p>Printmaker <strong>Caroline Wilkins</strong> explores print in its many forms, with and on objects, in site-specific installations. Using ambiguity and humour to stimulate discussion, Caroline makes participatory work that is designed to question our current political landscape.</p> <p>Ethical designer<strong> <a href="">Essi Peuhkuri</a> </strong>dedicated her research project to reshaping perceptions surrounding fashion consumption and branding. Encouraging reflective dialogue, Essi created an alternative fashion platform and online store titled ‘CAREFREE’, Essi is looking to turn the traditional experience of online shopping inside out.</p>
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<p><strong>Sam Turner</strong>’s work asked what can be gained or revealed with the examination of discarded materials. These physical materials present information that is verbal and non-verbal, through intuitive processes a relationship with specific materials (both physical and abstract) is revealed. His installation at the show was a chance for anyone to spend time with detritus, to see something that may have been missed. To see these materials differently can open up perceptions of reality itself.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Kate Summerhayes</a></strong> large scale installation used the theory of new materialism which argues that humans are not central to all life as humanists believed, and that to practice ethically more-than-human voices need to be allowed to come to the forefront. So in relation to her artwork, she rethought the term display and how it emerged within her own creative practice of red cabbage dyes and found fabrics.</p> <p>Artist <strong>Martin Müller</strong> documented dialogue with four tradesmen currently working on the building site of The Box, the new cultural and heritage centre in Plymouth, due to open in 2020. His installation allowed visitors to experience the knowledge these tradesmen possess, and to explore their unique perspective on a building-in-progress.</p>
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<p>The MA Show 2019 featured work from graduates across our MA programmes, including <a href=""> MA Disruptive Design</a>, <a href="">MA Fine Art</a>, <a href=""> MA Painting</a>, <a href=""> MA Drawing</a>, <a href=""> MA Printmaking</a>,<a href=""> MA Illustration,</a> <a href="">MA Photography</a>, <a href=""> MA Ceramics</a>, <a href="">MA Textile Design</a>, <a href="">MA Visual Communication</a>, <a href="">MA Creative Education: Making Learning </a> and<a href=""> MA Entrepreneurship for Creative Practice.</a></p> <p><strong>Photos by <a href="">Dom Moore</a> and Luke Frost.</strong></p><ul><li><a href="">Find out more about our postgraduate programmes.</a></li></ul>
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