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We want to discover what you stand for and give you a platform to voice your beliefs and opinions. Read our manifesto for change here.


We’ve launched a campaign that asks people: WHAT’S YOUR PROPOSITION? We want to discover what you stand for and give you a platform to voice your beliefs and opinions. This campaign is made up of propositions written by people advocating for change, and is designed to make people stop, think and take action, creating impact on society and change in the art community. Visit to use our digital graffiti tool and add your proposition to our wall.

It’s our belief that high-quality education for life in contemporary arts practice is the creative catalyst for personal, professional and cultural transformation. Social justice, through community impact and social mobility, and creative learning, through pedagogical innovation, are part of our DNA and at the heart of everything that we do.

Plymouth College of Art provides a platform, a crucible, a space where people come together, explore new horizons, and push the boundaries of creative practice. Together, we imagine, experiment, think, learn, make things, and make things happen. Whatever you want to make, wherever you want to go, the journey starts here, and never stops.

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Our Principal Andrew Brewerton has written a manifesto of ten propositions, outlining what Plymouth College of Art stands for, adding to the themes of CREATIVE LEARNING and SOCIAL JUSTICE, and defining our strategic plans for the future.

Manifesto proposition 01 – Making is as important as reading and writing, as science & maths

Manifesto proposition 02 – Making comes before knowing

Manifesto proposition 03 – Art is not ‘about’ life, it is about living

Manifesto proposition 04 – The purpose of learning is inseparable from that of living your life

Manifesto proposition 05 – In art education, the learner has no ‘subject’ to hide behind

Manifesto proposition 06 – Purposeful learning creates agency, not dependency, in the learner

Manifesto proposition 07 – The space of learning offers, or withdraws, the possibility of learning

Manifesto proposition 08 – Space cannot contain energy, energy creates space

Manifesto proposition 09 – As a learner, as an artist, your identity will come from the horizon, not from the boundary line

Manifesto proposition 10 - What's your proposition?