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Students push the boundaries of pattern & colour with stylist Manrutt Wongkaew

Renowned creative director and stylist Dr Manrutt Wongkaew holds two-day styling workshop and inspirational talk on campus.
<h5>Students on our<a href=""> BA (Hons) Textile Practices, BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design &amp; Surface Pattern,</a> <a href="">BA (Hons) Fashion Media &amp; Marketing </a>and <a href="">BA (Hons) Fashion</a> programmes enjoyed a two-day workshop and inspirational talk with designer and stylist <a href="">Manrutt Wongkaew</a>.</h5>
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<p>Well known for his fusing of dance and fashion with a socio-political twist, the London-based stylist, art director, fashion choreographer, and creative consultant, Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew challenges the status quo in fashion advertising.</p> <p>With his signature style and flair, he juxtaposes proportion, pattern, and colour and attempts to deconstruct visual perceptions of the body, making him the perfect stylist for Extended Diploma graduate Billie Jacobina’s AW17/18 show at London Fashion Week last year.</p>
"I am not here to break rules. I am here to push all boundaries if possible, or, to remove those boundaries that restrict personal growth and stifle creativity in the first place."
Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew
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<p>Manrutt values creativity, individuality and positive thinking, giving regular talks on motivation and how to overcome struggle, most recently in the form of a TEDx talk and BBC3 feature. As a Savile Row personal stylist, Manrutt provides bespoke advice regarding trends, style, fit and colour. His work has been presented at the London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo Fashion Weeks with features in British GQ, The Telegraph, and The Guardian.</p> <p>In his visit to our campus, he hosted a series of workshops in styling, photography, textiles, marketing and more, with students working collaboratively to produce finished outcomes that helped communicate themselves as new designers. Manrutt’s visit concluded in an inspirational talk in a packed out Studio Theatre.</p>
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<p>Over the two days, students developed a wide range of skills, from collaborative working and the importance of self-promotion to social media and the awareness of their own motivations as practitioners, which they will be encouraged to continue as they progress with their studies.</p> <p>“Driven by my commercial experiences within the fashion industry and the insight I have drawn from fashion and dance academia, it is my vision to develop students into high-performing artists working healthily and positively in the competitive fashion environment. That is to combine analysis with action, without losing an insight of who they are and what they believe in.” - Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew</p>
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