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Sitting with the Darkness: Shedding light on childhood trauma through multimedia collaboration

A new arts collective, mee. arts group, is set to unveil its first multimedia collaboration, Sitting with the Darkness, by MA Ceramics student Jane McEwen and featuring a performance from former poet laureate, Thom Boulton
<p dir="ltr">Coming to <a href="https://www.theboxplymouth.com/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">The Box</a> on 23 November, “Sitting with the Darkness” is a collaborative exhibition between <a href="https://www.aup.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/ma-ceramics">MA Ceramics</a> student and South Hams artist <a href="https://www.instagram.com/janemcewen_ceramicist/?hl=en" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Jane McEwen</a> and the city’s former Poet Laureate, Thom Bolton. Intertwining delicate ceramics with a poignant poetic performance, the exhibition was organised by the new arts collective mee. art group and confronts the trauma endured by Jane as a child.<br /></p>
Sitting With The Darkness
<p dir="ltr">Jane McEwen, a ceramicist of the South Hams community, has briefly set aside her flourishing ceramic business to immerse herself in her creative journey studying <a href="https://www.aup.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/ma-ceramics">MA Ceramics</a> at Arts University Plymouth. This project sees Jane using porcelain as her canvas, channelling her harrowing childhood experiences into a series of powerful artworks.<br /></p>
Jane Mc Ewen

Jane McEwen

<p dir="ltr">"Sitting with the Darkness" is an extraordinary exhibition featuring a collection of paintings and porcelain artworks, complemented by a poetic sound-scape performance, experienced in total darkness. This immersive audio experience was inspired by Jane McEwen's artworks developed during her Masters and interviews about her personal journey. Collaborating with Daniel Morgan, the front-man of the Exeter-based heavy metal band Ashen, the original poem has been transformed into a captivating composition featuring instruments and sound clips of the materials used.<br /></p>
Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan, front-man of Exeter-based heavy metal band Ashen

<p dir="ltr">The collaboration with Thom Boulton has been transformative for Jane, finding a voice for her fear and pain. Jane said, “Thom’s words have given me the courage to confront my trauma in a way I never thought possible. There were moments during our collaboration when I hesitated to share the intimate aspects of the poem, but I realised that doing so might help others find the strength to speak out about their own experiences.”<br /></p>
Thom Boulton

Thom Boulton

<p dir="ltr">As the former Poet Laureate for the City of Plymouth from 2016 to 2020, Thom Boulton is a well-known performer in the South West of England, having graced stages at Cross Country Writers, Wonderzoo, Plymouth Language Club, and Port Eliot Festival. His diverse background includes leading the artistic response to Poppies:Wave, a robotic poetry project with Volume AI, and sitting on the panel for the Mayflower400 cultural bids.<br /></p>
Jane Mc Ewens Work

Work by Jane McEwen

<p dir="ltr"></p> <p dir="ltr">Thom Boulton expressed his enthusiasm for the event, noting, "We are thrilled to have The Box hosting this performance, as its exceptional acoustics will enhance the immersive experience for everyone involved. Being in the dark isn’t just about cutting out the distractions of the room — it’s about the concept at the heart of Jane’s work. As the audience, you too are sitting with the darkness and discomfort."<br /></p> <p dir="ltr">Tickets for Sitting with the Darkness are now available for purchase at £8 per person and can be obtained via <a href="https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sitting-with-the-darkness-tickets-699849979127?aff=oddtdtcreator">Eventbrite</a>.</p>