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Supported Projects
<p>“The project ‘Euranim’ focuses on the digital art practices of animation and video mapping. These forms of expression in art are seen as experimental and cross-sectional between creative practices and new technologies.</p> <p>The objectives of the EU program is to establish structural conditions for European institutions dealing with animation and video mapping in order to become competitive and moreover global leaders in education and innovation in this sector. It builds on the development of a new business model around the creative industries that will enforce the structure of the animation and video mapping sector. Through seminars and international artistic residencies cross-border mobility and capacity building of cultural operators will take place and professionals will improve their skills around the relatively new field of video mapping. Digital technologies applied in an artistic context represent the core activity of the project. The project will foster existing artistic networks and international careers through a mobility program.</p> <p>The other main goal of the project is to contribute to the development of a European network of institutions and practitioners in the field of animation and digital arts that will establish itself on the global level. The Euranim will thus set a platform and exchange projects for young creative artists to cooperate transnationally, to internationalise their careers and activities and get potential jobs in the EU and become competitive on global level.”</p>