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Supported Projects

Made In Plymouth CIC

Made In Plymouth CIC - a social enterprise souvenir line that celebrates and supported local artists and makers.

Sarah Smalldon in Ocean Studios 1

Sarah Smalldon, one of the local artists who created artwork for the Made In Plymouth CIC line of souvenirs.

Made in Plymouth CIC was established as a joint venture between Real Ideas, Arts University Plymouth, the University of Plymouth, and Plymouth City Council, working together to create a social enterprise souvenir line that celebrates and supports local artists and makers. The idea behind the initiative was to create a unique and beautiful range of locally designed, produced and retailed souvenirs to entice visitors to Plymouth to buy authentic souvenirs crafted by some of the city’s most talented artists and makers.

The project was intended to coincide with the city’s planned Mayflower 400 celebrations in 2020; these celebrations unfortunately were impacted by COVID-19 and tourism was stymied throughout this period. None-the-less, the project successfully supported 12 products to be brought to market.

Made in Plymouth received investment by Plymouth City Council as well as support by the Council’s Social Enterprise Investment Fund.