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Supported Projects
Triple Edge Digital Badges



Triple Edge was an international partnership between Arts University Plymouth and international partners Syntra West (Bruges,BE), Pro Work (Middelburg/Rotterdam (NL), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Larissa, GR), Winston Wolfe (Ghent, BE).

E-dge supported Vocational Education and Training, promoting tailor-made and participatory approaches that use gamification and digital tools to enhance entrepreneurial and digital skills in learners, companies and teachers. The activity focused on four key skills - Flexibility, Leadership, Communication and Problem Solving

Four mini games were developed as as an innovative educational tool, supported by Training Resources, to ensure:

  • games were integrated effectively into the learning environment

  • teachers and trainers will be able to utilise the mini games in their teaching practice

  • learners and employees improve these key skills

  • they can communicate and translate them into their personal and professional development

As part of the Triple Edge project Arts University Plymouth piloted digital accreditation using a digital open badging system. Badges were awarded when participants complete a learner journey, play a game and acquire a skill!

An open badge is a visual, digital and reliable proof of an acquired skill or competence that can be assigned to the users LinkedIn, CV or blog post

Triple E-dge had three competency levels. Engage - Demonstrate - Participate.