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Fashion Studios and Sew Lab

Our large professional studio offers a real-life fashion experience in a light space with panoramic sea views.
<p>Our Fashion Studio is a large, light space with panoramic sea views and is comprehensively equipped with the latest industry-standard technologies. Specialist industrial and domestic sewing machines, a range of knitting machines and a wide stock of fabrics and knitting yarns sit alongside a media and marketing Mac suite, a fully operational CAD cutting facility, and a library of designer garments to inspire.</p>
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<p>Our professional sewing studio accommodates a variety of production methods including pattern-cutting, garment construction, millinery and upholstery. Our pattern cutting and design tables allow for large scale making and our iMac station is perfect for digital design projects and all equipment is installed with Gerber, a CAD system used widely in the fashion industry. </p> <p>Our Sew Lab is equipped with a range of industrial machinery including: flatbed sewing machines, pressing stations, fuse presses, button holers, cover stitch, twin needles, overlockers, a collection of K&amp;L dress stands, wig blocks, hat blocks and steamers and a well stocked store of essential haberdashery and fabrics for purchase.</p>
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“It’s great to see so the creative opportunities available to Arts University Plymouth students. The amazing natural light in the Sew Lab and Costume Studio makes for a wonderful working environment. Arts University Plymouth would be in my top recommendations for those wishing to enter the costume industry.”
— Susannah Buxton, Costume Designer (Downton Abbey)