Plymouth College of Art wood workshop
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3D Wood and Plastics Workshop

Alongside the latest in new technology, we value the long-standing traditions of making in wood and plastics – and have developed an excellently-resourced workshop that is open to all our students.
<p>Catering to a variety of different skill sets, the 3D Wood and Plastics workshop is open to all students across a multitude of creative disciplines. Create almost anything, from CNC machined plywood furniture to bespoke stretchers and substrates for painting or from a turned wooden bowl to a vacuum-formed costume mask.</p> <p>The workshop is equipped with a steam bending box, lamination bag press, vacuum former, bandsaw, belt and disc sander, sanding table, mitre saw, hot wire cutter, bobbin sander, pillar drill, plenty of hand tools and a designated spray painting room.<br /></p>