Female student records on an iphone, the device is held landscape in a grip to stabilise hand shakes. The camera screen is sharp and in focus, displaying the entrance way to the college’s on-site cinema.


Glitch 3D Scanning online workshop

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Glitch 3D Scanning online workshop

Join our BA (Hons) Creative Technologies lecturer Tom Milnes at our 'Glitch 3D Scanning' online workshop. Glitch 3D scanning is a practice-based workshop in which participants learn to use free open-source photogrammetry software to create cool glitch scans. Participants will use reflective, transparent, or ‘ephemeral’ objects and materials to create images with strange colours, textures and spiked forms in their 3D artwork. Participants would also learn technical skills in photogrammetry to create 3D models through playful methods in this fun group workshop.

Tom Milnes is a digital artist and curator of online platform Digital Artist Residency. At Plymouth College of Art, Tom is a Lecturer in BA (Hons) Fine Art & BA (Hons) Creative Technologies.