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At Arts University Plymouth, we recognise sustainability as a core principle in everything we deliver, and we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance.

Arts University Plymouth has actively embraced sustainable practices throughout the facilities from reducing food waste and increasing recycling to reducing our carbon footprint with the use of electric vehicles and LED lighting.

Arts University Plymouth uses a 15% carbon net zero renewable electricity tariff, so that 15% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources like wind, solar, biomass, tidal and hydroelectric, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. In September 2022 we also replaced the gas furnace in our glass department with an electric furnace, which will reduce the annual energy consumption by 4/5ths and is forecast to reduce the carbon footprint from hot glass by over 39 tonnes each year. We’re also continuing an initiative that when lighting across all campuses needs to be replaced we install LED bulbs, which not only improves the light quality in our working spaces, it also reduces the amount of electricity that we use on lighting by around ⅔.

We were thrilled to be shortlisted for Company of the Year and for the Facilities Management Award in the National Sustainability Awards 2022! Read our Environmental and Sustainability Policy.

  • We use 100% renewable electricity purchased from UK solar, wind and hydro farms.

  • We have solar panels installed on our Charles Cross roof, generating electricity every day.

  • We aim to recycle at least 2/3rds of all waste generated in our classrooms and offices.

  • We have a food waste collection in The Refectory, which is collected for composting.

  • We have a contemplative garden in our Tavistock Place courtyard for students, staff and local wildlife to enjoy.

  • We recycle the waste heat from our glass kilns to heat our Charles Cross building.

  • We have an electric van to transport goods between campuses.

  • We offer 2 x Cycle to Work bicycle schemes to enable staff to cycle to work.

  • We are updating our classroom lighting to LED to reduce our electricity consumption.

  • We are rolling out building fabric improvements to windows and roofs across campuses

  • A more sustainable approach to Christmas: We are renting three trees from Hillah Farm in Buckfastleigh, run by BA (Hons) Fine Art alumna Emily Hyne. Hillah Farm rents out the trees each Christmas, which allows the renter to re-rent the same Christmas tree each year and watch as it grows.

  • In Spring 2021 we installed data loggers on all our water meters to prevent water wastage across all campuses.

  • We use local contractors to support local livelihoods and reduce travel mileage where we can.

  • We have a Sustainability Champions Group for students and staff to meet every 6 x weeks and progress our Sustainability Agenda amongst teaching, learning and our classroom facilities offered.

  • We have a Sustainability Officer employed who focuses on improving the everyday sustainability of all our campuses.

IBCP students get immersed in nature at Poole Farm Plymouth, in partnership with Green Minds.

We've partnered with several local and national organisations to highlight and share resources to improve sustainability, not only on campus but across our city too. Explore them below.

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