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MA Craft & Material Practices

Course Duration

1 year; full-time
2 years; part-time

Our Masters programmes offer you an intensive personal programme of creative and stimulating study within artive critical and practical framework that enables you to examine, interrogate and reflect upon the nature and role of your chosen practice.

We encourage diversity in thinking and making, acknowledging the potential in material exploration, collaborative working, cross-fertilisation of ideas, and the exploration of new and vital concepts. Critical enquiry and practice-based exploration are central to the programmes, helping you to make dynamic and challenging work that resonates and reflects your key concerns in light of current national and international dialogues.

MA 3 D Design 5

Made@EU artist-in-residence Adriana Ionascu works in our on-site digital fabrication suite, Fab Lab Plymouth.

The MA Craft & Material Practices programme encourages the development of the individual designer-maker, with an emphasis on material knowledge and design innovation.

The programme offers a cross-disciplinary approach to explore the value of material knowledge within a design process. The programme explores design thinking and material processes which challenge design thinking and concepts, and is uniquely placed to offer a rich cross-disciplinary practice; you will have access to our spacious and well-equipped metal and jewellery studios, as well as ceramics, glass and resistant materials workshops, and our superbly equipped Fab Lab.

Vortex Whiskey Tumblers

Vortex Whiskey Tumblers, Laura Quinn

You will have the opportunity to critically engage with current debates within the subject area, and be encouraged to consider what it means to be a craftsperson in the 21st century. Key issues include sustainability, material life cycles, added value and approaches to the creative industries, museum and gallery interpretation and curation.

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The programme addresses histories, technologies, contexts, material qualities, conceptual and narrative developments. Current issues around craft are explored such as the rise of digital tools and technologies, hybrid practices, sustainability and globalisation. You are encouraged to consider these issues through testing, making, re-making, evaluating and positioning your critically engaged practice.

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MA 3 D Design
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This programme encourages entrepreneurial creativity through self-initiated and independent approaches to making, whilst considering the subject at its extreme edges in relation to process, technique, application, potential customer use and audience.

Crafts student Renovat Moody takes us on a tour through the university's breathtaking glass workshop.