From Water by Mary Trapp MA Fine Art

MA Fine Art

Alumni of our Graduate School pursue careers in the fields of fine art, craft and design, as practising artists, teachers, curators, and as gallery, theatre and technical professionals. Others go on to prepare for doctoral study, and set up viable projects as socially engaged and community-based practitioners.

<p>Our programmes offer professional skills development to support our students as they progress within industry, self-employment (in the Creative Industries sector) and further Level 7 and 8 studies. The second module offers an opportunity to test out the practices being investigated by individual students within an appropriate, live setting.<br /></p>

Our Graduates

Greek born Vasia began exploring art’s basic concepts and its functional exploration through her studies, beginning with oil and mixed media painting before evolving into installation art with her ‘Coloured Space’ series. Influenced by Arte Povera and figures like Michelangelo, she has broadened her expertise to include digital works that challenge the traditional link between artist and artwork identity. Focused on the concept of ‘space’ for its boundless interpretive interaction, her portfolio and thesis exhibition showcase a commitment to exploring art’s essence. She has exhibited throughout Greece, notably in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Florina and the Pocket Gallery in Athens.

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