From Water by Mary Trapp MA Fine Art

MA Fine Art

Alumni of our Graduate School pursue careers in the fields of fine art, craft and design, as practising artists, teachers, curators, and as gallery, theatre and technical professionals. Others go on to prepare for doctoral study, and set up viable projects as socially engaged and community-based practitioners.

Our programmes offer professional skills development to support our students as they progress within industry, self-employment (in the Creative Industries sector) and further Level 7 and 8 studies. The second module offers an opportunity to test out the practices being investigated by individual students within an appropriate, live setting.

Alumni Profiles

Leah Jordan

Leah Jordan is an artist specialising in ceramic and textile sculpture exploring the internal landscape of the body. Her work celebrates the functionality of the body and the organs that work unconsciously to keep the body machine alive.

Leah also practices pottery and wheel throwing alongside her fine art practice and works as a volunteer in the ceramics department at Arts University Plymouth. She completed a Masters in Fine Art in 2022, and a BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2019 with a First Class Honours. She has exhibited her work in the UK and Hong Kong.

Aaron Lovelock

Aaron Lovelock is a visual practitioner based in the South West of England. After graduating BA (Hons) Photography at Arts University Plymouth, he continued his studies in Fine Art at postgraduate level. Aaron tackles sensitive topics in his personal practice, working in both analogue and digital methods.

Aaron has worked with regional businesses such as the Custom House, Plymouth and Coyaba Rum based in Cornwall, and in 2018 was the official photographer for the ceremony of the Royal Television Society Student Awards for Devon and Cornwall.