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MA Jewellery

“The Soundwave Series” consists of three mini collections based on experimentation with sound, mixing computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing and traditional silversmithing casting techniques to produce a range of rings, bangles and vessels.
MA Jewellery graduate Petra Cerna's work showcases responsible design with a positive social impact. Here, she designed a sound-producing necklace for pregnancy that can be heard by the baby inside the womb. When the baby is born, the necklace can also be used to soothe and calm them, and to support bonding.
Asterism by Eleanor Gooch, MA Jewellery
Laura Quinn’s work encourages close human engagement to challenge the perceived restraints of glass. The forms she creates are modular, often composed of hundreds of individually handmade glass components combined in unusual ways with digitally designed moveable joints, and soft materials such as rubber frameworks. These frameworks house the glass and allow it to become moveable and more durable as well as interchangeable and repairable, enabling her practice to become more sustainable. Based on theorist Michael Polanyi’s writings on tacit knowledge, this work explores what silent knowledge of the material and making process the viewer can obtain through viewing, touch, and engagement. Quinn is interested in challenging the audience’s perceived restraints of glass. For this reason, she plays on the fragility of glass by making the pieces flexible- encouraging close human interaction. The result of this pursuit is evident in her wearable and sculptural forms, and her lighting design.