Henrietta Paine

MA Painting

Alumni of our Graduate School pursue careers in the fields of fine art, craft and design, as practising artists, teachers, curators, and as gallery, theatre and technical professionals. Others go on to prepare for doctoral study, and set up viable projects as socially engaged and community-based practitioners.

<p>Our programmes offer professional skills development to support our students as they progress within industry, self-employment (in the Creative Industries sector) and further Level 7 and 8 studies. The second module offers an opportunity to test out the practices being investigated by individual students within an appropriate, live setting.</p>

Our Graduates

Student Paula Meninato curates panel discussion with Michelle Angela Ortiz Christopher Sebastian Mc Jetters Miholyn Soon and Jo Anne Mc Arthur Photos by Sarah Packer
<p dir="ltr">Paula is an Argentine-born American artist that creates social change through artistic activism. Paula graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Painting, before graduating from MA Painting at Arts University Plymouth in 2019.</p> <p dir="ltr">Since 2011, Paula has exhibited her socially-conscious art at 22 group exhibits and five solo shows in eight countries, including a solo exhibition at the Embassy of Argentina in Washington DC. In 2019, Paula curated a panel discussion at Tate Modern through the Tate Exchange program at Arts University Plymouth. In 2020, Paula launched Beyond Raising Awareness, a training platform that aims to empower creative activists and artists through online training that merge arts education with community organizing. <br /></p>

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