Striking aerial photography by Tim Gundry

MA Photography

Striking aerial photography by Tim Gundry, MA Photography
Pistil by Jess Bright, MA Photography
Jade Thomas, MA Photography
Josh Greet, MA Photography
Utopian Realities by James Wells, MA Photography
10 Years by Jennifer-Anne Crowther, MA Photography
From the series Reinterpret - looking at the negative effects Tabloids have created through reporting when discussing the “Migrant Crisis”. Jack Moyse, MA Photography
Temporal Traces by Josh Huxham, MA Photography
Visual Cultural Heritage by Nick Matthews, MA by Research
Domestic Disorder considers the chaos and congestion of clutter within the domestic setting and its impact on mental health. This is a personal journey, exploring my relationship with possessions through a series of solitary, improvised performances with treasured possessions. Each performance triggers a series of memories, thoughts and emotions, enabling me to further understand the complex relationship I have with my belongings. Photographic practice becomes personal therapy, documenting my journey from a state of disorder, where clutter and possessions overwhelm me to a more ordered state where I able to feel at peace in my surroundings.
Chelsea Benwell is a photographer who is working closely with the concept of place. Throughout her MA, she has been rediscovering and understanding what place can mean to the individual through local exploration with her camera. The result of this work has been an emerging feminine relationship between artist and landscape that takes care to show appreciation for the land and situates itself to be perceived through the phenomenological aesthetic experience, relying on the audience’s emotional response. Tone, contrast and form are key elements to her photographs, evoking a range of interpretations toward the final results