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MA Visual Communication

Our MA Visual Communication programme encourages the development of an individual and distinctive contemporary graphics practice through considered engagement with current contexts, audiences and outputs.

This programme brings together design-led and research-driven approaches to take a critically informed and widely experimental approach to the production, form and circulation of the ‘message’.

CRYPSIS MIMESIS by Alan Qualtrough MA Visual Communication

Alan Qualtrough, MA Visual Communication

The programme is ideas-driven, and devised to assist you in developing your unique approach within the broad field of contemporary communication-led practices, including graphic design, advertising, packaging design, branding, and more.

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Adele Retter
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You will engage in design thinking and research centred projects, developing contextual thinking and visual literacies through iterative design, working with complexity and ambiguity, enabling you to assimilate diverse ideas and dynamic outcomes.

We’ll support you in articulating your ideas, developing your working methods and creating independent work, through individual tutorials, lectures, subject-specific seminars, studio and gallery visits and group critiques with access to our rich workshop areas and technical resources across the university.