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UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

Our stimulating pre-degree programme is delivered by our team of academics, technical demonstrators and invited experts who together deliver excellence in teaching. You’ll learn in a dedicated pre-degree campus, surrounded by creative inspiration and likeminded young people, all of whom are preparing for success in higher education and industry.

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Madalaine Blyth

Course Leader
<p>Madalaine is Course Leader for Foundation Diploma and the Assistant Head of Pre Degree. From studying Fashion design in Sydney, Madalaine has broadened her practice into exploring textiles and narrative, with her current work exploring the stories of women, their communities and craft as told through archival documents. This focus touches on phenomenology, material culture and how domestic objects carry the lives of their owners through time. Madalaine teaches across the Fashion, Textiles, Illustration and Graphics pathways within the Foundation Diploma and supports students pastorally during their studies. </p> <p dir="ltr">“There’s a whole community and culture of learning here... you can just walk into a different studio and your whole direction may change – in a really fantastic way. You never know what’s going to be around the next corner – you might get a fresh perspective, or a new idea could crop up, or you’ll understand a mistake that you haven’t been able to resolve. Sometimes it’s completely unexpected, and that’s what’s so fun about it.”<br /></p>