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<p><strong>Joslin Rashleigh</strong></p> <p>“I’ve only been here a few weeks but already I feel I belong – much more than I did in secondary school. There’s so much more freedom – and the staff care about you. It’s much more pastoral. I did textiles at Bodmin to acquire some basic skills. I checked out Falmouth but Plymouth seemed the better of the two. Already I feel so much further on. Eventually I want to do avant garde high fashion – sculpture – fashion as the art of the body. There’s nothing here to hold me back.”</p> <p><strong>Lewis Jones </strong></p> <p>“I did the First Diploma here before getting on to this course, and that gave me a chance to try lots of different areas of art and design. Before that I’d done GCSEs at school and got the grades I needed. The friends I’ve made started the course at the same time. I’ve got more in common with them. They’re more like-minded. There’s no way I wanted to stay on at school. I’m enjoying every minute of it here. I love the busy-ness, I couldn’t wait to get started. Contextual studies helps me see how a designer can get inspiration from different things, and that kind of historical research is really useful. I’m really happy. I can’t imagine doing anything else, and I can come in on extra days to use the facilities.”</p> <p><strong>Emma-Louise Thompson</strong></p> <p>"I used to come to Saturday Arts Club here when I was 13 and it opened my eyes to genres and media I’d no access to at school. I gained a Bronze Art Award and was a ‘buddy’ for an Arts Club friend. I did my GCSEs in partnership with the College as I didn’t like the school environment. I’ve learned a lot already about sewing, designing, even life drawing and pattern cutting. I’m enjoying fashion promotion and marketing, too. We’ve done several trips to research retail environments and concepts, for example in Exeter and London. It also helps us to get to know one another and we really get on well."</p>