Sophie guildford

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography (Jan 2025 Start)

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<p>Speak to someone today and gain personal insight into our creative community. From finding accommodation and student finance to course content and employability, our approachable student ambassadors are available to live chat with you.<strong><br /></strong></p> <p><strong>Andy Ford – BA (Hons) Photography graduate</strong></p> <p>"I think studying has really changed the way I think about my work. I think in terms of projects now, rather than singular images. And I’m more questioning of why I make work in the first place.</p> <p>"One of my first major projects was shooting the South West’s punk and hardcore scene. I came to it when there was a lot of energy around it, and studying my degree made me think about the significance of the scene as an interesting cultural thing, rather than an opportunity to take fun photos of my friends jumping off a speaker unit.</p> <p>"Being able to place ideas in a wider historical context of photography has influenced my work. You see a lot of really superficial ideas or things that have been done a million times from people who think they're being really original. A lot of these people haven't really studied photography. Having an academic understanding of your work gives it a lot more depth. It influences the way you think and speak about it."</p> <p><strong>Heather Cleese – BA (Hons) Commercial Photography</strong></p> <p>"When I first came to the university I felt a little unprepared, but I got over that very quickly because the teachers are so great. They really help you, and always allocate time for you if you need a tutorial.</p> <p>"All of the students are really friendly. I guess we’re all in the same position as each other – wanting to learn as much as we can. </p> <p>"The course allows you to work collaboratively with other students and we often assist each other on shoots, and through that you make great relationships and friendships. "<br /></p>