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BA (Hons) Craft & Material Practices

Winner in the prestigious British Art Medal Society's Student Medal Project, Conservation by Gregory Williams, BA (Hons) 3D Design Crafts
Fragmented Beauty by Donna Burns, BA (Hons) 3D Design Crafts
Hot Glitch Jasper by Lorna Yabsley, BA (Hons) 3D Design Crafts
In her second-year, award-winning 3D Design Crafts student Lorna Yabsley exhibited a baroque daybed in the breathtaking grounds of Mount Edgecumbe House & Country Park, as part of a site-specific exhibition. In response to the UK's wealth divide, Lorna chose to work in cardboard - a throwaway material for most of us, but lifesaving shelter, comfort and insulation for the homeless.
3D Design Craft final-year student Seran draws on her experiences as a black female creator, exploring themes of empowerment, hair, identity, repetition and culture. Working across traditional and digital mediums, Suran designs Afrofuturistic inspired images that embrace the majesty that is black power in all its forms.
3D Design Crafts third-year student Maris Munroe hand-built a working paper kiln.
Victoria is a Plymouth based jewellery designer and maker, with a keen interest in the social and cultural debates of gender fluidity and neutrality. Inquiries into gender have allowed Vikki to push the boundaries of jewellery and confront the stereotypes of traditional gendered design. Final-year student Victoria McLester uses the medium of contemporary jewellery to explore gender stereotypes and examine current debates around gender fluidity and neutrality. Victoria's work repeats biological patterns found in diagrams of genitalia to produce an ambiguous mix of elaborate mandalas. These oversized components can be worn as an example of non-conformity, but also can be displayed as a statement wall sculpture, sparking conversations around gender fluidity and global stereotypes.
Folly by Donna Burns
Pollen by Georgia Ingram