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UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

The UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design will enable your process of thinking and making to develop within a vibrant and diverse creative environment. This is an exciting and immersive course that prepares you for degree study in the creative arts.

<p dir="ltr">Our Foundation Diploma, validated by University of the Arts London, is a chance for students to discover, experiment and explore across a wide range of disciplines – as well as maximise their chances of gaining a First if they decide to progress on to degree-level study.<br /><br />Within our dedicated Pre-Degree Campus, Palace Court and Palace Studios, you will explore a range of subjects and learn specialist techniques through experimentation and risk-taking.<br /></p>
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<p>This course will help you to move beyond your artistic comfort zone, whilst establishing your unique creative voice and areas of interest.</p> <p>Striking a balance between taught sessions and your own independent studio practice, our experienced and knowledgeable tutors will guide you as you develop your creative practice, develop new ways of thinking creatively and challenge your own ideas of what it is to be creative. </p> <p>You will develop an individual approach to problem-solving, giving you the confidence to discuss your work in formal and informal settings, and in large and small groups.</p>
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<ul><li><strong>Stage One</strong> of the course will introduce you to critical thinking and creative approaches to art, design and media through a rotation of methodologies, processes and materials.</li><li>In <strong>Stage Two</strong> you will identify your chosen pathway and develop project ideas and outcomes. You will be supported and challenged by lecturers who are active in their field. You will also develop the skills and confidence to pursue your applications to degree-level study.</li><li><strong>Stage Three</strong> brings together your learning in the development of a self-initiated project which includes an extended critical essay and end of year summer show.</li></ul>
<p>We offer places to students who have a profile of <strong>at least five grade 9 to 4 GCSEs </strong>(or A* to C in the old grading scheme), including English and Maths, <strong>as well as a full Level 3 qualification</strong>; this can be two A-Levels, at grade E or above (preferably with one in a creative subject). <br /><br />All applicants need to show a portfolio of creative work that reflects their passion, enthusiasm and commitment for art, design, and media.<a href="https://www.aup.ac.uk/study/pre-degree#ual-level-3-extended-diploma-in-creative-practice" id="ual-level-3-extended-diploma-in-creative-practice"><br /></a></p>
“The course was really interesting because it was so experimental – you try so many different things on it. I came in with experience in painting and some installation but worked on things like film and sculpture during the course too. That was one of the great things about it. We weren’t restricted at all.”
Kez Dearmer, Foundation Diploma in Art & Design student
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Matteo Crescenzi
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<ul><li><strong>Email: </strong><a href="mailto:admissions@aup.ac.uk">admissions@aup.ac.uk</a></li><li><strong>Tel:</strong> +44 (0)1752 203434</li><li><strong>Instagram:</strong> <a href="https://www.instagram.com/foundationartanddesign/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@foundationartanddesign</a></li></ul>