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Our People

Alice Chant

<p>Since leaving Media Production at Plymouth College of Art in 2009 Alice studied Film &amp; TV Production at Ravensbourne University in North Greenwich, London. The first film Alice directed was for a competition to have the winning film displayed on the big screens at the London 2012 Olympic Games.</p> <p><em>“I had a lot of creative freedom, and after a lot of heavy competition and hard work, my film was selected by LOCOG and screened at the Olympic Games. I presented my film to a board of directors at Canary Wharf along with the two runners up."</em></p> <p>Alice also produced and directed a short film for Greenpeace as part of their Save the Arctic campaign, alongside a couple of small personal projects and several camera operating jobs. On the side, she wrote bi-monthly articles for the published and online magazine 'TV Bay' which wanted to follow my progression as a student and my entering into the industry.</p> <p>Through the Broadcast Training Program Alice worked in the sound department of the sailing with the Olympic Broadcasting Service. It was her first insight into live TV and broadcasting.</p> <p><em>“It was without doubt the most unforgettable experience I will ever have. I spent my 21st birthday leaning head first off the front of a small rib boat, pointing a directional microphone, whilst being battered by waves and chasing the competition 6 miles out at sea! Pretty amazing!”</em></p> <p>Alice did two days of work experience as a runner on the National Television Awards in 2013 and worked incredibly hard doing nearly 20 hour shifts.</p> <p><em>“As work experience, you are never forced or told to do something, the people in charge though will offer you opportunities and tasks and it is in your hands to take them, whether it's a fun job or not a very glamorous one!”</em></p> <p>Alice has recently been back for a third year on the 20th National Television Awards working as Assistant Stage Manager.</p> <p><em>"I am now seen as one of the main members of the team. My job role entails a huge list of things from desktop publishing, working on script timings, dealing with celebrities and chaperoning, building props, furniture distribution and collection, managing the runners and work experience, plus many, many more tasks!</em></p> <p><em>I can safely say that PCA gave me a real desire and understanding to follow this career path." </em></p>

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