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Our People

Alice Vandy

Alice Vandy graduated from Plymouth Art College in 2012 with a BA (Hons) in Fashion. Shortly after graduating Alice set up her own UK brand ‘Alice Vandy’ and created collections which fuses fairytale fantasy with exotic youthful streetwear.

The eye-catching designs by Alice Vandy got noticed and she has successfully designed showpieces for The X Factor, Britain’s Next Top Model and The Clothes Show Live. Jessie J snapped up her debut collection and following this the designer was asked to create an entire collection for the star.

Alice focuses on delivering magical madness with her notoriously bold signature prints and has a growing tribe of Diamond Warriors and Bubble Wall patterns. My Little Pony asked Alice Vandy to collaborate with them and she launched her third exclusive collection of ponyland power pieces with the sugary sweet Hasbro phenomenon.

Alice Vandy is based in Cornwall but her bold colourful and unique designs are now being worn by stars all over the world.

Visit Alice Vandy’s website: www.alicevandy.com

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