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Harry Faint

<table><tbody><tr><td><p dir="ltr">Harry is a film director and queer media researcher who is passionate about raising and empowering LGBTQIA+ voices from rural communities within the film and television industries. He is currently researching how queer individuals have historically been represented on screen and how they have affected perceptions of queer lives in real life. His directorial debut KING HENRY unites his passion for Equality and Diversity and his love of teaching. Based on his own experience, the film explores two boys being nominated prom queen and king at a Cornish Secondary School prom in a post section 28 climate. This film has been supported by Screen Cornwall, Falmouth University’s Sound/Image Lab and the charity IT GETS BETTER UK, for which Harry is the south west regional ambassador. A collaboration with many talented queer voices and crew in the South West, King Henry enters the festival circuit this Winter.</p> <p dir="ltr">During his BA in Film at Falmouth, he split his studies in two - looking at the representations of Trans lives in Film and Tv in the UK, as well as the nuanced meaning created through then sound design for robots such as R2-D2 and WALL-E. In his Masters degree he delved deeper into the issues of white feminism in USA female-led comedy in a Post Trump world. Throughout this, he has maintained his focus on promoting intersectionality in visual media. It was also at this time he delved into production, working as a sound recordist and sound designer on a micro budget feature called A BAD PENNY, which follows a gay woman struggling to find her purpose after breaking up with her girlfriend.</p> <p dir="ltr">After spending a gap year working in the Florida sun at Walt Disney World, Harry returned to the UK to commence his PGCE in post-compulsory education. Determined to continue his studies, Harry started a queer media research project called Queer Reflections, which focuses around interviews with queer individuals about the media that helped them on their journey. Away from his education role, he has taken these conversations and led training sessions of LGBTQIA+ inclusion in businesses and classrooms around the county. His intention is to promote the inclusion and promote the safety of queer individuals in all spaces, believing that hate stems from a lack of education around gender and sexuality. He has spoken at global conferences about the power of media and storytelling in promoting the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ lives. Harry hopes to continue walking the line between further research and being an active filmmaker in the South West, with more films in the pipeline.</p></td></tr></tbody></table>

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